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My Approach

In my practice, I focus on building insight, compassion, and acceptance of oneself and others, while challenging the dynamics and structures that pose obstacles to successful growth and healing. I strive to uphold principles and practices of cultural awareness and sensitivity, and to regard each client as the expert on their own experience. Through this framework, I am well-equipped to treat issues related to marginalized populations and non-traditional communities.

In addition to my experience and skill in addressing commonly-occurring mental health concerns like depression and anxiety, I have special interest in working with body diversity through a Health at Every Size model, LGBTQIA+ communities, polyamory and ethical non-monogomy, kink/BDSM communities, and other people who may feel like "misfits" or otherwise live outside the expectations of mainstream society.

I use a variety of therapeutic techniques, as I try to tailor my approach to individual needs; this results in an eclectic style of therapy designed to change with you as you progress. My primary orientations are based on principles of humanistic (person-centered) and feminist psychology, which emphasize the value of an individual's unique experience, and the way interactions between individuals and social structures influence that experience. In the therapeutic process, I often utilize techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, internal family systems, communication skills, mindfulness practices, art, and even play therapies to support the type of work best suited to a client's needs at a given time.  I encourage a very collaborative relationship; if something isn't working for you, we will work together to find what does.

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