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As a family therapist, my role is to observe and evaluate the dynamics at work in a family system, and work together with the family group to develop and maintain healthy, functional relationships and behaviors among members. A family can be a group one has from birth or that a person joins by choice, but it always involves long-term, supportive or care-taking relationships. Thus our family forms one of the most important influences on how we relate to others and how we view ourselves and the world around us.

Some of the ways I support healthy family dynamics include:

  • Helping family members build coping and communication skills to ease conflict

  • Practicing replacement of dysfunctional patterns of behavior with healthier interactions

  • Strengthening and modifying family structures to establish clear and safe boundaries and expectations

  • Using consistency, honesty, and dependability to build trust within a family system

  • Identifying, challenging, or modifying underlying meanings and assumptions in family interactions

  • Guiding family members through disruptions in family stability to maintain healthy functioning

  • Modeling and teaching parents skills for effective positive discipline and engagement

  • Providing a secure and non-judgmental space for family members to express themselves and build open, honest, and compassionate communication with each other.

  • Assisting each family member to develop or access the tools needed to facilitate healing and wellness.

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